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Our StoryAbout Us

Code Enrich is a team of dedicated creatives who are experts at providing end-to-end web design and development solutions appropriate for the client’s brand and market. What we value most is making our client’s website vision come true. We help them build a site with an excellent interface that enhances user experience.

01 We Focus on Helping You

Your vision inspires us to design, create, and develop the website that you and your users need. We listen to your ideas, and we deliver everything you need (from conceptualization to launch to maintenance) to make them real.

We’ll be with you every step of the way:
Gathering information

Not only do we get to know you to identify your needs; we’ll also help you gain knowledge about your site’s target audience so we can design and develop it accordingly.

Identifying objectives

We’ll work together to identify what your website needs to fulfill. Let’s decide what its purpose is and the value it should bring to your audience.

Creating a sitemap

We’ll help you outline your content and its connection to other online sites so it becomes more valuable to visitors.

Creating a wireframe

Let’s work on your design blueprint together to make your website more organized and visually appealing.

Developing the site

We got the technical part: coding, the actual making of your site based on the blueprints we’ve created. Our talented coders will make sure your site functions smoothly according to its design.

Creating written and visual content

We can help you make your site more visible in search engines by filling every page with the right keywords. Let’s ensure that the users will get what they came for by providing them with meaningful content.

Identifying visual elements

Speak and we’ll listen to your ideal website architecture. We’ll help you create visuals, such as tiles, boards, and palettes, that best represent your brand.

Site testing

We’ll be there to check your site and spot discrepancies that need to be rectified. Before the launch, we’ll make sure that the site works in different browsers & devices, loads quickly, free from broken links, and visible to web crawlers.


We’ll introduce your website to the world together. We’ll help you decide when to launch the site and how to spread the word about it. It’s all about timing, execution, and communication, and we’ll help you figure these out.


You can contact us for any concerns along the way to make sure your site consistently performs the way it should. We’ll make sure it won’t disappoint anyone so you can maintain user satisfaction and patronage.

02. Experience You Can Rely On

We’ve already made previous clients happy with a website that’s easy to navigate and manage to achieve desired goals. We helped them create a tool that empowered their brand to evoke the emotions they want from their audience.

Our web design and development services enabled our clients to give satisfying user experience which bred countless site visits that converted to leads and sales. And now, it’s your turn to have the experience. Contact us to get started.

03. We Are Easy on Your Budget

We can discuss rates once you decide to work with us. Whatever budget we come up with, we will deliver the best value you deserve for your investment in us. Let’s talk!

Our Team

Bharat Kambariya

CEO & Founder

Bansari Kambariya

Managing Director


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