5 Best SEO Content Optimization Tools To Rank High On Google In 2020

Content writing should be such that it is seen in a right way by the one who is interested in the topic you have written.

When you start creating content for your website, blog, articles, PR or any other marketing content, it should be polished in the end before it goes in front of relevant content seekers. To help humans, there are a number of content marketing and optimization tools out there. But which are the best ones? And is it good to use those tools?

Yes, every content writer should use SEO content optimization tools to do research and write the best content. Writing content which helps people and fits in their mind should be the main motto of every content writer.

For creating unforgettable content, define what problems are being faced by people? Who is the target audience? What are your readers looking for? Answering these questions you will surely come up with good content ideas. Let’s see the best SEO content optimization tools.

5 best SEO content optimization tools to dominate higher rank in Google

1. Frase

Frase is a machine learning tool which does google research and process natural language to give you brief content and subheadings to start with your content writing. It gives ideas about which topic is better to go with and in which we will get more engagement.

2. SEMrush Writing Assistant

SEMrush has many modules under its best SEO suit. Among which “writing assistant” is the best SEO content optimization tool. This tool searches all the pages which are related to your keyword and ranked high in Google. It provides information like what number of content you should write, what words you can include in a blog, from where you can get backlinks for your blog.

3. SurferSEO

It does the great work to scan your keywords and take up your on-page SEO. SurferSEO is famous for its data-driven approach and helping content writers to get the best content out. It uses advanced algorithms to give recommendations about content and attractive topic names with subheadings.

4. Clearscope

Any number of team members can be added in Clearscope and it offers additional plugins in which it can be integrated with Google docs which gives extra power to content writers and saves a huge amount of time. It also has a very clean user interface.

5. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway is a great tool to correct all your mistakes in content and check your content score. It is one the best SEO content optimization tool which corrects grammar and checks readability of content. It suggests ways how effectively we can write our content to engage users and not let him bored.

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