Reasons for Preferring Shopify for Your Business

Small businesses shouldn’t be considered as “small” because they also have big ideas and imagination. Utilizing the right and appropriate eCommerce platform, small businesses can achieve a broad global exposure and deliver their message about products they sell.

When launching a new business, choosing a true eCommerce platform can be one of the hindrances because of coexistence of plenty of eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, PrestaShop etc. Mostly Shopify is a natural and logical preference for many reasons.

The main reason is that Shopify is the simplest, fastest & most affordable way for small business owners who are willing to scale their business. Its super easy set up allows them to sell their products online straight way. Moreover, there is plenty of companies which are specialized in providing you with Shopify eCommerce development services.

Here are a few more reasons on why you should own Shopify websites for your eCommerce shop.

Renowned Brands are Using Shopify

Shopify has been praised by famous and big brands so it’s pretty clear reason to choose this framework. To name a few, there are several recognized brands like Red Bull, Gymshark, Skinnydip, Mavi, Lightbox Jewelry etc. These mentioned brands sell their merchandise on Shopify platforms and generate high revenue.

We can add further brand names like Kew Gardens, Bailey Nelson, Tesla, Nestle, Rocket Dog, Cambridge Satchel to the list. This is enough to understand why Shopify is preferred by vendors.

Get Rid of Server Costs

There are open-source eCommerce solutions which are lower cost or free but they end up charging hidden costs anyhow.

Business owners are lucky that Shopify offers varied plans with monthly subscriptions of $29, $79 and $299. Owners can go with the most suitable plan according to their business size. You can use Shopify’s free trial version for 14 days.

Not everyone is aware of Shopify Lite that charges only $9 per month for adding products to any website or blog.

Being a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, server security, updates, compliance & backups are handled by Shopify’s people. So business owners can take advantage of price point.

Discounted Plans

Some business enterprises don’t prefer monthly subscriptions. Shopify provides them with two options offering a discount!

Business owners can save more money by purchasing annual or biennial plans. On purchase of annual and biennial plans, Shopify offers discounts of 10% and 20% respectfully. It’s great, isn’t it?

Security & Reliability

Server hosting and network are maintained and handled by Shofipy. Their people keep watch 24×7 for any potential cyber attacks and viruses. Installed add-ons will keep your eCommerce sites safe and secure from viruses and malware.

Implementing SSL or PCI compliance, financial transactions can be performed by credit cards and transmission of sensitive details can be done safely.

App Integration with SaaS Services

Shopify is famous with SaaS service sectors you will definitely find any new and advanced services you require on Shopify first before anywhere else. App integration eliminates errors, saves your cost and time and provides you with granular data insights.

Built-in & Expandable Toolset

Shopify enables you to run your online store including integrated marketing features, reports and much more with a variety of tools.

Business owners can use these tools to create business logos, invoices, rules and more mostly free of charge. Shopify also comes with a variety of tools, many of which any business owner can use, to create logos, invoices, policies, calculators and more — mostly for free.

Its rich set of add-ons, also referred to as apps, allows you to expand how your eCommerce shop works and goes.

Fancy features can be added to the front-end to have a cool “look and feel” graphical user interface. eCommerce website operations like shipping, inventory, accounting, advertising & marketing etc. can be carried out easily by apps. Apps can be installed or uninstalled as per business requirements by store owners. So they can adopt new changes straight away.

24×7 Support

Shopify is always at your service through mediums of phone, live chat and email. In case you need any guidance or information, you can refer to detailed docs and resources available online. You will also find how to accelerate your business in those resources.

Shopify’s Kit app sends insightful data in forms of hints and tips about your eCommerce store. It can also run marketing campaigns for you.


There can be other reasons for business owners for choosing Shopify as their eCommerce solution. We are interested in knowing those extra reasons why you selected Shopify. We welcome your thoughts, ideas, tips etc. about Shopify. So let us know what you have in your mind.

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