Top Javascript Frameworks To Build Your Website

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When any website is to be built, the most important part is selecting the frontend framework. Web development companies have a variety of developers which work on different frameworks to develop websites. There is always a dilemma about what are top javascript frameworks to build a good, responsive, and optimized website? Today we will discuss the most used and reliable frontend frameworks to build cool websites with great performance.

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Vuejs is being used by most of the developers. It highly optimizes your application performance and enables powerful app development. It is a progressive web framework which is used to develop interactive user interfaces. The overall size of framework is very small compared to any other framework.

Brands using Vuejs

Popular companies using vuejs for their web development are Reuters,, MakeMyTrip, 9gag, Xiomi, and Alibaba.


The community of Vuejs is increasing exponentially though it is new in the market. Vuejs official website offers query solving forms for their developers. You can find more community links in their official documentation portal.

Top Features

Vuejs offers optimized virtual DOM, component based structure, better routing and navigation, directives and props to pass data within components.


Angular offers very high speed performing application development. Angular developers can create scalable web apps using it and add features as they want and even build an enterprise application. Features of Angular make developer free to build highly customized application.

Brands using Vuejs

Popular companies using Angular for their web application development are Google, Amazon, YouTube, Paypal, Udemy, Microsoft, and Cisco.


The Angular community is vast as it is a decade old and there are solutions for almost all problems on the internet. Due to great community, there are many open-source tools available for feature-rich development.

Top Features

Angular has a very good routing system, in-built animations, ngMigration assistant, RxJS6 callback functionality.


Creator of React framework is Facebook and it is the one which is used most in the industrial applications. The DOM provides very unique and expanded features to developers. Facebook is itself built in React and you can see it has the ability to handle billions of users.

Brands using Vuejs

Big brands using React are Airbnb, Khan academy, Codecademy, Dropbox, Instagram, Whatsapp.


A large number of developers have worked or working with React framework, so has a very big community. Also has a huge number of online forums to solve any doubts of a newbie. Stack Overflow is very popular to have React communities all over the world.

Top Features

React has very good features like hooks, react dev tools for browser, one-way data binding, virtual DOM, SEO friendly and many more.


Other top javascript frameworks to build websites are Foundation, Emberjs, Backbonejs, Svelte.

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