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Increase your ranking and visibility in major search engines such as Google with the help of our SEO services.

Apart from designing visuals and structuring content, we also help clients speak wisely. Choosing the right words is as important as any other element on your website. This isn’t as easy as simply speaking. There are plenty of factors we need to consider when writing content, especially the market you serve and their pain points.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how we ensure that your site has the quality and relevant content that can make it more visible to searchers. It’s the process that drives organic traffic and visits to a website and ranks web pages higher in search results. There are tools we can use to ensure that your site is optimized, aside from raw talent and genuine care for clients. We got you!


SEO Audit and Custom Strategy

We provide an SEO audit. This service allows us to evaluate your current SEO strategies. We’ll determine its strength and weakness, and provide points for improvement. We can also formulate a whole new strategy, depending on the objective of your web pages.

Not all of your web pages are designed to make customers buy or avail of something. Some of them are only meant to inform, educate, or help customers navigate the web. Your keywords and word phrases should depend on what the web page is trying to accomplish.

When needed, we’ll customize your SEO strategy, making sure that it helps your web pages appear more often on web searches, drive more traffic, and convince visitors to respond to your CTA.

Analysis of Competitors

Analyzing the strategy of your competitors, especially if your market is very niche, will give your valuable insights that you can use for your advantage. Perhaps the most likely benefit of not being the first one to implement a strategy is the opportunity to design something better.

The analysis we’ll do together will tell us what works best and what needs to be improved. We’ll dissect the steps they’re taking, find lapses, and treat them as opportunities to introduce solutions. We’ve seen clients who manage to come up with not only better but absolutely different approaches to problems experienced by their competitors.

On-page and Off-page Optimization

Our on-page optimization service focuses on your web pages’ content to make them visible to Google’s SEO spiders. We utilize various tools to conduct a holistic analysis of your site’s current SEO performance. You see, your site’s optimization is not only affected by keywords and where you place them. Sometimes, there are crawler-blockers you haven’t removed or images, graphics, videos, and illustrations you haven’t optimized.

Our UI and UX design services also come in here (our services are interconnected). We take care of links to make sure
they haven’t broken Also, we create sitemaps to boost the relevance and value of your web pages.

Off-page optimization, on the other hand, refers to other SEO factors outside your website. We’ll help you optimize those, too. We’ll endorse your site to influencers and bloggers. We’ll also work with you in creating blog content for your site, making sure they’re shareable.

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